Human beings are creators by nature and everything around them is infused with creativity. Our niche of creativity is architecture - where the function is poured into the form, and the external environment penetrates into the internal. We understand that both climate and geography are integral to the planning and management of the construction process. Relying on the given business model, we take into consideration the individuality of each client and the details of each project. Cobalt takes pride in prioritizing natural human needs, respect for nature, and cultural heritage. Our work involves large scale projects, master plans, local urbanism, residential architecture, and interior design. For us each project is exceptional and unique in its own way. Free of any ideological restrictions, the creativity of our work
speaks for itself in a modern aesthetic, leaving meaning-making up to the observer once the project is finished and we have left. From a distance, we enjoy witnessing the light and life given to our pieces through their interpretation, inhabitation and use.


Karlis Saltups

Head Architect

Ekaterina Morozova

Chief Architect

Konul Huseynova

Architect / Project Manager

Ardit Elezi

Architect / Project Manager

Roman Kaziyev


Nijat Asadullayev


Bahruz Seyidbayli


Namiq Alakbarli

Junior Architect