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Pilgrims Camp regeneration

Pilgrims Camp regeneration

Pilgrims Camp is a part of the regeneration and landscape development project of the area of the Bechbarmaq mountain in Azerbaijan. The mountain is one of the symbols of the country and a significant destination for pilgrims. The aim of the project is to improve access to the sacred site located on a hillside and efficient use of mountain for tourism purposes. It will be achieved by improvement of infrastructure, landscape and architecture. Besh Barmaq literally translated as Five Finger and it is located in the Siazan District of Azerbaijan, close to the Caspian Sea. It rises to 590 m above the sea level overlooking the Baku-Quba Highway. The mountain is a solid rock and is one of the most famous mountains in the Caucasus.

  • project type: ladscape / architecture
  • area: 3500 m2
  • architecture: COBALT / ANNVIL
  • team: Guntis Zingis, Karlis Saltups, Togrul Bayramov, Susan Aliyeva, Ardit Elezi, Muslum Imranli, Aygun Budaq, Gunay Mammadova, Farid Abdulov, Royal Jamalli.
  • year: 2018 - ongoing
  • status: technical design
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