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Youth Center „Планета КВН” in Moscow

Youth Center „Планета КВН” in Moscow

Moscow youth center “Планета КВН” is a multimedia concert hall with 800 seating capacity. Center is used for concerts, broadcasts filming, conferences, presentations exhibitions and other public events.

The interior design concept has been inspired by the 50s and 60s design styles, the time period when KVN was established. This time period is known by vivid colors, laconic forms, and astonishing stylistics. Use of natural materials is the main accent in the finish. This period of time could be called – ingenious optimism, which idea is similar to The KVN essence. The interior design concept is also based on a humorous story, which is made of three forms of humor: comedy, pun, and parody. Each part includes an introduction, discussion, and conclusion, as well as each part, is reflected in the interior’s shapes, materials, colors, and lights.


  • interior architect: Anna Butele
  • team: Madara Liviņa Aispure, Olga Ponomarjova
  • video: Ritvars Lasmanis
  • status: concept
  • year: 2012
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