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Cafe Dali, Arthouse Coffee Shop

Cafe Dali, Arthouse Coffee Shop

Cafe Dali is an arthouse coffee shop, situated in the heart of the creative district Spikeri, which has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In XIV century Spikeri worked as a storage terminal for ships, also called hemp warehouses. Currently, Spikeri territory regained second wind and become a creative arts center with a wide range of cultural ensemble – a concert hall, a contemporary art exhibition hall, and restaurants.

Cafe Dali concept includes not only the cafe, which offers high – quality Scandinavian brand coffee but space also works as an exhibition center for new artists. Cafe Dali which got its name from the world’s famous surrealist painter, Salvador Dali, provides interior design associated with the artist`s unique expressions for shapes, symbols, colors, and philosophy. The cover of 1944 Vogue magazine, which designed by Spanish surrealist, serves as the starting point of an interior design concept. The cafe includes one of the key features of surrealism – the ability to combine known objects within an extraordinary setting. In the cafe, contrast can be found in rational solutions with an unusual presentation. The interior design lives outside its usual form and environment. Sheets of paper were used for wall dressing which creates illusion shape for space. Paper fold on the walls in lounge area makes the cafe more circular contour and more surreal feeling. On the center is located an exposition of Dali’s symbolic elements. Hidden under the paper layers, they blend together with walls, highlighting the silhouette of the objects. Wall with the mirrors creates reflections and gives a moving dynamic to space. A central object – the bar, resonates a shape of Dali’s artwork characteristics, where curved lines and shapes float with reference to a fine classic. When someone asked Dali: “What is your favorite color?” He answered immediately – blue and gold tones. These colors were adopted as the base for a color solution, which was supplemented with sand white and warm tones.

  • project type: public
  • interior architect: Anna Butele
  • project leader: Diana Kula
  • status: completed
  • year: 2014
  • photo credits: Ingus Bajārs
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