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Cheloni, Two-story Apartment in St.Petersburg

Cheloni, Two-story Apartment in St.Petersburg

In the luxurious area of “Парадный квартал” in St.Petersburg has located a penthouse type of apartment project. Парадный Kвартал is a newly built, highly respectable area in the center of St. Petersburg. Built in the neoclassicism style, the building consists of blocks, which is not only apartments but also office buildings, shops, lounges, and various services. Because of the speedy development of the district, it is known as the Golden Mile. And it is here where we designed a two-floor penthouse type building, which includes two level apartment with total area of 450 m2. The upper floor is occupied by parents while the lower is all for their children.

Based on the apartment functional plan structure, it visually associates with a turtle. For this reason, interior design embodies the values of a turtle, which foremost is- the longevity, which reflects in the use of the highest value and the highest quality finishes. For Security, we used the Smart house technology, which secures family`s place. For Stability, we chose divers forms of design, colors, textures with dominant details, high quality, and durability. The Harmony symbolized in bringing together two generations into one building, who now live in a harmonious environment. Last but not least, for the Innovations part, we used the latest technology, which will be a great benefit in the long-term.

  • project type: private
  • area: 450 m2
  • interior architect: Anna Butele
  • team: Gita Baumane, Ilvars Jermacans, Olga Ponomarjova
  • status: in progress
  • year: 2014
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