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One of the largest co-working in Baltics

One of the largest co-working in Baltics

One of the largest and capacious co-working in Baltics is established in Riga. It occupies four floors of a building with a total area of 3680 m2. It has a capacity up to 350 workplaces. We believe that the co-working is a meeting point. Intersection. Where ideas meet a reality. Clients with products. Aims with challenges. There is a human in the center of each intersection. A man is creating his own story. This idea relates to the co-working slogan – create your story. We selected several the world`s most successful companies and talented people who have already created their own success stories. With a purpose that their stories and achievements will inspire and motivate young entrepreneurs to develop their ideas. Regarding this, a visual identity of each floor is making an association with a well-known global company or a talented person. The latest technologies are an essential part of the concept, which emphasizes the innovative and modern working environment. Floors are divided by the vertical ascending principle – from an entrepreneur beginner to a progressive company. An interaction between groups of people from different floors is an essential goal of the co-working. The first floor is an individual level, IT themed. Planning by a hot desk workstation principle. A target audience – individuals, who are using the co-working for a short period of time. A playroom and event room are shared spaces. The second floor is a level of improvement, communication and social media-themed – an open space planning by dedicated desk principle. Suitable for groups of people for a long-term use. Shared spaces are several meeting rooms and a lounge. The second floor has a capacious conference hall with more than 200 seats. The third and fourth floor is set for startup and growing companies. There are individual offices for teams and open plan offices. As well as, meeting rooms and skype rooms for a common use.

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