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From major projects on a global scale to collaborations with leading companies – the agency’s extensive experience guarantees world-class vision within architecture, interior, and urban planning.

Cobalt is an interdisciplinary platform that brings together professionals within the fields of interior, architecture, urban planning, and landscape. Most of our partners are based in the Baltics and Norway, among other European countries. Cobalt links each project with the best partner. That way we improve the quality of the proposals, as well as expand their perspective. We work with a wide range of projects: From private interior design to hospitality and public sector interior. From residential architecture to large-scale projects. From local urbanism to city masterplansOur projects are located in Azerbaijan, Latvia, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Russia, and Kazakhstan.

Chief designer Anna Butele leads the company, collaborating with three partners. Anna Butele directs the offices in Latvia and Norway. As the founding member of Cobalt and owner of Annvil, Anna Butele has received numerous honors, such as: The Annual Design Award 2017 for “Best public space design,” 1st place in a3d.ru competition “Inside Objectivity 2012“ for “Best office interior design.”Shortlisted in the Pinwin design competition (Russia).


CEO / Designer in charge

Anna Butele is an interior architect with more than 15 years of experience in public and private interior and furniture design. In 2004, she founded Annvil – an interior architecture company. Annvil has become one of the leading interior architecture agencies in Latvia with a vast experience on an international level. Anna Butele’s projects have received numerous Latvian Annual Design Awards and have gained international recognition in design competitions abroad. Interior architect has participated in various exhibitions, the international art and architecture festival BORDERS in Venice (2016) is one of them. She presented her installation “Sleep with a city” that emphasized the boundaries between territorial belonging and a place one calls home. In 2010, Anna opened her exhibition “Take Away interior” that offered an innovative concept of mobile furniture. Since 2017, Anna Butele has been working on a book about 100 well-known architects. Anna Butele graduated Riga Applied Art College in 2000. She continued her education at the University of Latvia, studying at the Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy from 2000 to 2004.


Managing director

Janis Gavars has extensive experience in international construction project management and budget planning, as well as facilities management strategies. The Permanent Representation of Latvia to Brussels, Embassy of Latvia in Brussels, as well as in Moscow – these are some of the most prominent recently implemented construction projects. Janis Gavars has established and managed construction departments in some of the leading companies in the industry. As a part of the largest real estate management company in Latvia, Janis developed building management programs for many significant projects including the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Latvia, as well as Swedbank, the leading bank in Sweden and the Baltics. Using his expertise in building management, Janis Gavars advised the construction team of the multi-functional complex Z-Tower – the most significant high-rise building in Latvia of the last decade. Gavars has worked in a sales company that specializes in exclusive finishing. There, Gavars developed and implemented high-class apartment interior projects in Vienna and Latvia.


Design director

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