Spatial Design Practice

An internationally recognized Spatial Design Practice in doing designs harmonic, responsible and sustaining environments that support human dwelling in the age of climate change, globalization and technological hegemony. Our invitation is to think design thoughtfully, meaningfully, relationally and above all else – ontologically. 

COBALT is interdisciplinary studio that collaborates with creative professionals from various fields, including architects, designers, strategists, urbanists, scientists, social anthropologists, developers and thinkers with a purpose to stimulate multi-dimensional discussion where diverse opinions from a different perspective are involved. Most of our partners are based in the Baltics, Norway and among other European countries. Architecture office SPACEGROUP from Oslo, Norway and spatial design practice ANNVIL from Riga, Latvia are the core collaboration offices.

COBALT work with a wide range of projects. From local urbanism to city masterplans. From residential architecture to large-scale projects. From hospitality and public sector interior to private interior design.

Design-in-time is one of our main principles. First, design as it is located in time we are in, designed in recognition of time; second, to design-in-time, responding in a timeframe that reflects the urgency in which we need to respond to some of the major crises facing us. We explore the mutual relations between physical and social spaces.

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