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Pit Stops opening soon

Pit Stops opening soon


The roadside rest places project called Pit Stop has been renamed as Dayan Dincəl.

Those located on the Baku-Astara highway will soon be opened to the public then will follow another three busiest motorways in Azerbaijan.

Pitstop is an Azerbaijan road infrastructure project, within the framework of which 53 pitstops will be arranged providing resting, feeding, catering and tourism information acquisition facilities. Such pavilions will be arranged on the four busiest motorways in Azerbaijan leading to Georgia, Russia, Iran, as well as the tourist destination Gabala located in the northern part of Azerbaijan.

This is the first project of the state development infrastructure of such kind. The purpose of the project is an enhancement of quality for mobility between cities, as well as the attraction of tourists from the neighboring countries.

In motorsports, Pit Stop provides the racing car with everything that is necessary to reach the finish as successfully as possible. In this project, the main accent is human – traveler and his/her comfort when traveling in Azerbaijan.

Each Pitstop is built as a body of pavilions consisting of functionally varied modules. Pitstop modules are intended for combination in various compilations – MID/MAX. A full compilation of pavilion or version MAX includes the following – information centre, shop, cafe, kitchen, resting area and toilet facilities. MID – a combination of point of sale and shelter and toilet facilities.

In order to emphasize the body of various functions, each of the modules has its own expressed form and finish. A modern and simple architectural form of the functional models enables for mutual convenient combinations in various ways.

Through the consultations with the local governments and careful analysis of the road load, the current locations of infrastructure and commercial objects and tourism points, map of Pitstop locations has been developed and the most suitable types of pavilions have been determined for the locations concerned. They have been arranged with the interval of 25 km.

Taking into account the various locations of Pitstops, an architecture of pavilions has been designed in close interaction with the adjacent landscape following the principles of high quality and sustainable architecture. Priorities of the project are – functionality and convenience to use.

Each of the Pitstop projects is designed as part of the same series, thus ensuring a recognizable style for the highway rest stop. It communicates clearly its purpose, expectation, quality and its function along the whole length of the trip along the highway.

Architecture project is being designed by Cobalt/Annvil in cooperation with the architect office Space Group, landscape design by AOUMM

Implementation of the project has been commenced, and the project is planned to be completed before the beginning of 2020

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